October 29, 2011

I 'Heart' Ronson

I had knowledge of Charlotte Ronson's I 'Heart' Ronson line at JCPenney, but never bothered to take a look... That was a major mistake. A friend of mine purchased a crazy cute top and guess where she bought it? Yep, JCPenney. Who knew? I highly recommend checking out the rest of the line. Here are my favorite picks...


October 27, 2011

Blow Ya Mind

To Buy: Nicki Minaj's Metallic 4 life.
This color is one of the best I've seen from OPI in a looong time. Leave it to Nicki to pull them out of a color rut.

photo credit and see the rest of the line at Refinery29

October 24, 2011


Head over to CollegeFashionista to read more about this Fashionista's campus style.

October 22, 2011

If I had an iPhone...

It would look a little something like this. 
I stumbled across these adorable covers on Design Darling and immediately fell in love.

October 18, 2011

CAUTION: Mid-term Exams Approaching

Study sessions would be much more appealing if they looked this glamorous, no?