April 26, 2011

In My Bag...

Each year my purse seems to grow a little bit bigger, and the list of things I deem necessary to carry gets longer and longer. What a girl carries in her bag says a lot about her, unfortunately it's definitely taboo to look.

My necessities change from season to season, and with summer approaching I thought I'd give you a peek of things you would find in my carryall this summer

{Top Shop $160}

I know...black doesn't seem like a summer bag color, but it's my favorite. To brighten things up I like to change the little things on the inside to match the current season.

Fell in love with Archie Grand notebooks while in London. Find the perfect saying for you and buy, buy, buy. The pages are blank and thick which I love, because my pens don't bleed through.

Yes, it would be great if my college budget could supply classic Ray-Bans. Truth is, I'd probably lose or break them in a month so spending the money isn't worth it. I picked these up at Nordstrom and am very pleased with them so far.

I'm all about the tinted lip gloss. Typically I look for a shade of light pink, but be careful not to apply too much.

{Target $12.99}

The Calypso for Target bag is perfect for carrying make-up, hair ties and bobby pins.

{HOBO $100}

Last but not least, the wallet currently on my wish list... What I love about this is that it fits easily into your bag, but can also be taken out and used as a clutch for quick errands. I also switch bags up a lot (between my bag pack, tote and purse) that I need a wallet that I can easily remove.

What are your purse must haves?

April 18, 2011

Be Inspired

When seeking fashion inspiration I have my go-to books, magazine, blogs and websites. I came across this photo of Heidi Klum while on Just Jared the other afternoon and immediately lusted after her entire outfit.

{via Just Jared}
To hopefully help inspire you:


1. Lauren Conrad Style Guide- Lauren Conrad
2. You Know You Want it- Eric Daman, Gossip Girl stylist
3. The Extra Half an Inch- Victoria Beckham

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

- Coco Chanel

April 15, 2011

Current Obsession

Essie's lollipop is hands down my favorite red polish this spring. I first spotted the color on a J Crew employee and had to ask "what color is that?".

 Have a wonderful weekend!

April 13, 2011

Coffee Date

After four different trips to H&M, I finally had success.I saw this dress on their web page a while back and patiently waited for it to arrive in US stores. It looks Kate Spade-like, but without the price. I cannot wait to throw this on with a pair of flats and grab a coffee with a friend.

{via H&M}

April 11, 2011

Perfect College Planner

If you know me-- you know I go through multiple planners a year. I never seem to find the perfect one and am always on the hunt for something better. Last summer I stumbled upon this college planner at Barnes and Noble.

{It contains}
Weekly and monthly grids
Action plans to help set goals for each semester
Stickers for things like exams, study groups and bills (my favorite part)
Spreadsheet for your class schedule
Tips from college students on how to succeed
Weekly to do lists
Study and shopping checklists

The only negative was the front--not my personal taste. So, I ran to Target and bought a different cover, and now it's perfect.

April 9, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This next week is going to consist of rain..rain...rain. You can be sure to find me in high spirits sporting my Hunter wellies around campus. Wellies really have become a four season boot-- especially for college girls. We walk from class to class, rain or shine, snow or slush. So why shouldn't we treat our feet and brighten up a gloomy day?

Hunter wellies- can be purchased at Nordstrom

but for you girls who can't justify spending that kind of money on wellies Chookha is a more affordable, yet still chic, option.

Also available at Nordstrom

April 8, 2011

Every girl needs...

A red clutch is a staple in every girl's wardrobe. No matter what outfit you're wearing, what season it is or what time of day--it pulls your look together. I bought mine while in Paris at Longchamp.

photo via Longchamp