May 29, 2012

A Work(ing) Wardrobe

Transitioning your wardrobe from college student to career professional can be a seriously daunting task. I found myself extremely frustrated last summer while attempting to purchase clothes for my internship. I know I was not alone in that endeavor, because I received numerous texts and phone calls from girlfriends asking to join forces in our search.

My absolute favorite office friendly piece is an ankle pant. They are flattering for my height, rarely require alterations and are much more comfortable than skirts. BONUS: they're crazy trendy right now, so you can find them at almost any price and in every color and pattern.

My least favorite office friendly piece is a...CARDIGAN. While I think it's a must in your wardrobe, it is too often a girl's go-to and usually ends up 'frumping' up your look. A blazer is a much more polished alternative. I felt a little strange when I first began to wear them, but they have become an essential part of my wardrobe (not only in work life, but everyday as well). Once you're comfortable, start looking for a one with personality. For example, I'm really into the floral trend and died when I saw this blazer below. I knew that pairing it with my black ankle pants and platform heels would be a killer, young, fresh office friendly look.

I purchased this blazer at Nordstrom Rack this past week

May 28, 2012

Instagram Faves

truelane/ lynbacca
inkedfingers/ glitterguide
designlovefest/ lynbacca

May 25, 2012


I spent most of my time at home getting acquainted with Miss Reagan, my parent's new lab, and bopping around with my mom to all of our favorite stops. Going home always feels great, but Fargo isn't really my home any more. While that feeling can be a little strange, it also makes me appreciate my short trips all the more.

Absolutes while home:
1. Moxie Java- their baristas are the best and their iced latte isn't too shabby either
2. Mexican Village- QUESO. It's become a tradition to come here after/or during every mother/daughter day and I never get sick of it
3. Proper & Prim- Fargo NEEDED a boutique like this. Cute, trendy, well-priced and in a prime location
4. Drive down 8th Street- If you love trees and old homes this one should be pretty self explanatory

May 24, 2012

Summer Lust

I mean, come on...Tory Burch makes the most beautiful tunics.

May 22, 2012

That time I graduated.
Pretty exciting stuff, no?

 I moved out of my dorm Sunday and made my way home to figure out the next chapter in my life. I've been living a relatively nomadic life the past four years; living in three dorms, my aunt's basement in Chicago, a homestay in London and in my parent's home here and there. I'm very much so looking forward to seizing the next opportunity that comes my way--wherever that may be. I'm torn between the thought of settling down in one location for a few years or continuing on my strange, adventurous living situations.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy all that good ol Fargo has to offer by stopping by all my favorite shops and locations. Can you say Moxie Java??

Makeovers are fun

I decided it was time to give Sipping Style a new look.

Molly, the brains behind Heart of a Blonde, helped me out. She is a fellow Twin Cities blogger that I've been following for some time. I was more than excited to collaborate with her on header and button designs-- she knew exactly what I was looking for! I'm still working on the 'About Me' and 'Contact' pages, but they should be up and running soon. Be sure to check out my Twitter and Pinterest! Here are a few of the other headers she designed:

What do you think?

May 1, 2012