December 28, 2012

Sparkly, Quirky & Me...

It's the little things

If I had the option between one really large gift or multiple small ones, I would pick the small every single time. I love the little things, I think they're ultimately what make the big things great. The big thing this Christmas was a black Cuyana tote bag. It. is. stunning. Exactly how I imagined it and I couldn't ask for more. What's makes me happiest is that I received all the small items above and will have a majority of them in my new bag at any given time. They make the inside sparkly, quirky and me

Butter London "La Moss" \\ Gap clutch \\ Kate Spade studs \\ heart pin \\ Essie "Fiesta"

December 19, 2012

Emerson Fry: Sneakers Edition

Currently researching ways to stylishly incorporate sneakers into my wardrobe. Emerson Fry makes it look cool, so maybe that means I can too? My...feet...are...broken. Kudos to the girls who trump around in heels all day. I can't even handle flats.  

images--  one // two

December 17, 2012

2013 Calendars and Planners

2013 planner/calendar

I enjoy wholeheartedly love organizing. Clips, planners, pens, calendars and post-its (does anyone else get excited just reading these words?) are my thing and I'm here to give a PSA. Buy your planner and calendars now, otherwise it's going to be too late. You will wind up waiting until February or March before a new shipment arrives...*insert minor heart attack. I'm all set with my planner, but I still need to decide on a calendar. I'm leaning towards the Cities version on the top left. Has anyone struck gold elsewhere?

 one- two- three 

December 12, 2012

Not So UGGly Winter Boots


It's strange, but there is this one Starbucks that is always filled with ridiculously stylish people. I've dubbed this my favorite of all the locations . Last week I saw a girl wearing the boots above. Naturally I stared at them until I located the brand. SOREL!! Color me impressed.

boots | cardigan | jeans | earrings | glasses | pin

December 10, 2012

First Big Snow

Hello, friends. Sunday marked the first big snow of the year in Minneapolis. I, like so many others, have a love/hate relationship with this day. It's all so beautiful until you're stuck digging your car out of your parking spot for 30 minutes. Oh, and along with the treacherous road conditions came a broken toilet. Waahh wahhh.Thanks for nothing "emergency" landlord phone line. 

On the brighter side-- I went to a Vikings game with my boyfriend and am starting up an exciting project at work. Bring on the week!

December 5, 2012

The Little Things

My brain is on overload. I'm about to begin a really exciting project, re-entering "the search" and trying to stay out of my head...eeek. You will find me indulging in coffee, blogs, a book, my planner and nail polish to keep the inspiration's all about the little things.

coffee: nutella latte
blog: Smitten Studio
book: Where We Belong by Emily Giffin
polish: essie 'good as gold'

images: left // right

December 3, 2012

I Like Turtle [neck] s

As promised, an outfit post...that is if you think one photo suffices.

Remember this dress from way back when? I was surprisingly pleased with how this outfit turned out. I have been on the turtleneck train for a while now and am excited by all the funky ways bloggers and retailers (like J.Crew!) are styling them.

November 29, 2012

In My Dreams

I'm not typically a Coach kind of girl, but this coat has been taunting me from their storefront display for months. They occasionally change it up. A yellow handbag, then pink, then with a faux fur collar. Each revamp more delicious than the last. It makes me want to high five the person that designed it.

dream coat

November 26, 2012

Mini Monday

I've been trying to build a solid "working girl" wardrobe and I most recently purchased Gap's camel mini skirt. I like the versatility it offers, both in color and shape, as well as the freedom to wear it casually on the weekend and formally during the week.

November 19, 2012

My Christmas List

I was a little hesitant about posting my Christmas list. It feels a little...(how do I say) not what Christmas is all about? So to preface, I love giving more than receiving. There's such a thrill in putting together the perfect gift for your best friend or loved one and no gift that I receive will ever top it. So, by posting my own I'm hoping to spark a gift idea for someone on your list this year. Enjoy :)

November 14, 2012

That Time I Made Something Amazing

You guys, I made the most amazing vanilla almond steamer Monday night. I know what you're thinking, steamers are as easy as it gets and you're right. That being said, you have no excuse not to make this delicious delight. It perfectly fulfills my holiday drink craving and keeps me from making excess runs to Starbucks. I think I might even try adding coffee, because a caffeine kick is the only thing missing.

I used this recipe here. Garnish with whipped cream, nutmeg and cinnamon.

P.S. Hoping to get in an outfit post soon!
(image source)

November 13, 2012

I wanna be a Levo Leaguer

Do you follow The Levo League? If you don't, the modern feminist within me strongly suggest you start. I love when their Facebook updates appear in my feed. It's about the only thing in there I pay any attention to these days.

(photo source)

November 7, 2012

Something new

I had been looking for the right plaid scarf for some time and last week I finally scooped up this little guy.  Thank goodness I did, because my obsession was starting to even annoy me.


The source of my obsession began somewhere around here.

November 5, 2012

Potato Mountain

Confession: part of my irregular posting is due to frustration with my mediocre photos. I've been trying to utilize what I have, since a SLR isn't exactly in the picture. Given that I don't always remember to take my point and shoot with me, and when I do it's usually dead, I decided to give these recommended camera apps a try. Better than Bland is one of my favorite blogs and I so wish she would pick it up again.

These photos were taken on Sunday morning at Trotter's Cafe in St. Paul. I've eaten here many...many...many times (super nachos and/or Mediterranean pasta, anyone?), but I had never had their breakfast. Naturally, it was spectacular.

Photos taken with CrossProcess app

October 29, 2012

Chicago- Sprinkles edition

My goal in Chicago was to take so many photos that I would begin to even annoy myself. To say that I failed to do so would be the understatement of the year. So,  here are three photos I captured during our Sprinkles adventure...I mean, if to photograph anything it's a cupcake trip, right?

I'm a sucker for branding

I can't even remember the last time I had a red velvet cupcake that didn't immediately crumble after the first bite so, thank you, Sprinkles. This cupcake well deserves its "G".


...and then I dropped the last bit of my cupcake on the sidewalk. 

October 24, 2012

Travel Essentials

travel essentials
travel essentials-2

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow morning! This will be my fourth trip to the windy city this year and I simply cannot wait. Last night, as is every night before a trip, was spent doing laundry, cleaning up and planning/writing out my packing list in my planner. Packing light is something I perfected while studying abroad-- never again will I check a bag. Above are some of the essential items I bring on each and every trip. 

October 23, 2012

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

Last week was a little chaotic, so I have to apologize for my lack of posting. I'm still learning how to manage my time between my internship, blog, friends and "me time"; it's not always so easy! I promise that I'm going to hop back on the blogging train-- with outfit posts and everything.

On another note: HOW DO YOU LIKE THE RE-DESIGN? I might be biased, but I love it-- remember Molly? She was unlucky enough to have to deal with all my indecisive e-mails, but luckily for me, she's a genius when it comes to this design stuff.

October 10, 2012

What's in your bag?

Does anyone else have a secret obsession with knowing what other girls are carrying in their bags? We spend so much time finding the most fabulous wallet, make up bag, notebook, travel toiletries, etc. just to hide it all behind our handbag's exterior. So, I'll be honest...I love knowing what you've got going on in there and where you find your necessities. Blogger of This Chick's Got Style frequently lays it all out for her readers to see; one of the many reason I follow along. 

photo credit: 1, 2, 3

October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

Organizing soothes me. It's the only thing that keeps me sane during a hectic week. I updated my planner with a new band to keep her looking pretty. I swear I could spend a disgusting amount of time playing in Russell & Hazel.
My guy and I were finally able to take a trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch! Unfortunately, the pumpkin portion was closed...this little guy is my sister's. It adds a touch of warmth to our entry.
Some of my fall favorites. No matter the trendiest color, I always come back to these.

October 4, 2012

Notes from the Mall

 Working for the mall allows me to see different people, from different parts of the globe at all times of the day. One thing you start to notice is the trends that everyday consumers are taking part in. One such trend is the mini crossbody clutch; specifically the Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini Clutch. I've seen it EVERYWHERE. I shouldn't be too surprised, I mean it is beautiful. However, who would've thought that women would toss aside their shopper totes for a bag the size of their cosmetic pouch? 

As all things go, first you notice the item, then you can't get it out of your head & then you want one. Don't want to spend the money for the Minkoff? You don't have to. I personally love this studded version from Topshop that's less than half the price. 

RM Mini Mac Clutch

October 1, 2012

Pumpkins + Apples

 I had originally planned to take a trip to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard yesterday with my boyfriend, but decided to postpone our day date to the following weekend. I want it to feel like fall when we're there and a 76 degree temperature didn't exactly fit with my idyllic vision. I've been looking at photo after photo of other bloggers and friends taking similar trips and their outfits got me thinking about what I would wear. It goes a little something like this...

Pumpking picking

Now, if only all of these items would magically appear in my closet.

September 27, 2012

Guest Post: heart of a blonde

Hello Sipping Style darlings! Today I'm happy to be taking over Samantha's blog, while she's taking over mine. I suppose you could call it a blog swap of sorts. I blog over at heart of a blonde and am a daily reader of Sipping Style {which I also helped design!}. I currently live in Milwaukee, but spent the last four years living in Minneapolis.

Today I'd love to share with you some simple lifestyle inspiration I'm loving for autumn. This time of year I am incredibly drawn to neutral colors, comfort foods, and cozy days. When the weather gets cooler, I suddenly have a never-ending desire to spend quality time in the kitchen, write and read while cozied up in a cafe, or carefully curate the next piece to build my wardrobe. Here are a few current fall favorites.

{images: one | two | three | four | five | six}

Have a cozy, lovely autumn day!


September 24, 2012

The Kind of Bat I Can Get on Board With

I'm going to begin today with a little gloating. I, Samantha, was able to WAIT until the first day of fall had past to wear my sequined bat shirt. That takes some serious patience and restraint.  Not only does this top remind me of fall, but it leaves me feeling nostalgic for my time abroad in London. 
It taunted  me from the store window-front for weeks, but after spotting it on a wickedly stylish Parisian, I knew it had to be mine.

blazer- Gap, shirt- FCUK, pants- H&M, boots- Nordstrom, rings- Tiffanys

P.S. I worked my very first live TV segment last Friday and if you follow me on Twitter (as you should!) you know that I met the stylist for Pretty Little Liars. AWESOME? I think so.

September 21, 2012

Patent Boots

I truly wish I was a heels girl, but I'm not. For the most part, I've accepted this about myself.

However,  I admittedly attempted to wear a pair last week and had to remove them 3 hours into the day. Thank goodness I packed my trusty Gap City Flats! Instead, I scour the racks for flats and boots with interesting and endearing details. My patent Michael Kors boots below fit the bill flawlessly.

coat- thrifted, dress- Nordstrom Rack, boots- Michael Kors, bag- Longchamp

Have a wonderful weekend!

September 11, 2012

A Slight Update

I've been terrible at posting the past couple weeks, but I've come prepared with some really great excuses for you...

It was my first day at a new job
(celebratory cupcake from big sis)

Instead of blogging outfits, I instagramed them

It was my amazing boyfriend's birthday
(pictured with his gift!)

...and there may have been some of this.

What was everyone else up to?

September 4, 2012

How I Style

There are certain items that have a strange way of igniting the stylist spark within me. When I see that item, I obsess and am instantly able to envision wearing it fifty different ways. This very thing happened to me yesterday when I spotted a pair of perfect, paisley ballet flats. Here is how I would wear them to run errands, grab coffee, shop, on a day date...the list goes on and on.

paisley flats

September 3, 2012

Tote-ally Unexpected

Sunday morning went a little something like this...
Boyfriend: "Is that new?"
Me: "Yes."
Boyfriend: "I like it."
Me: "Thanks, I needed a new tote bag."
Boyfriend: (with huge smile on face) "NEEDED? I think they sell reusable totes at the grocery store, you know."

If only women functioned solely on utility. But, what fun would that be?
I truly had been in the market for a new tote bag for some time and am quite pleased with my find.  Remember when I talked about leopard pants here? Well, I didn't exactly go into the dirty details of my leopard print obsession... I've got shoes, purses, clutches, headbands, scarves (am I embarrassing myself yet?). It's such a timeless print and I have a hard time resisting it. No matter what, leopard print will always circle back into the trend cycle.

You will never believe where I bought it, so click here to find out for yourself.

August 27, 2012

D's Big Move

My younger sister is about to start COLLEGE. To me, she is still fourteen with a mouthful of braces (sorry, Danielle), so helping her prepare was a little surreal. The big move happens tonight and it's making me crazy nostalgic for my first year of college. It's such an exciting time that I cannot wait for her to experience; new friends, new city and ultimately a new life.

While at home...I did a little shopping with my mom and we managed to score these booties! We tried to take photos in a few of my favorite downtown Fargo spots, but realized after that there was a huge smudge on my lens...ruining ALL of my photos. We laughed, but I do apologize for the lack in quality and quantity. 

Downtown Fargo has so many unique spots, alleys and buildings. I will have to take more photos next time I journey home.