August 27, 2013


| top - Michael Kors via TJ Maxx, jeans - Madewell, sandals - Gap, hat - Banana Republic, bag - Kanken |

Nate and I took a quick trip to Chicago this weekend to visit my family and see a bit of the city. Our last visit was centered around the heart of downtown Chicago, so this time we took it to Wicker Park to get a feel for its neighborhoods.

My cousins are growing up so fast. Addison was in diapers and barely walking the summer I lived with my family and now she dances around the yard and runs around the house in her "princess heels". 

Rose's - our last stop. This place is celiac heaven - only here am I able to look at an entire menu and order WHATEVER I want. If you know someone that has celiac disease, tell them about Rose's. 

August 21, 2013

Style Crush - Gayle Spannaus

Chances are you've heard of Jenna Lyons, but have you heard of Gayle Spannaus? Spannaus is the style director of J. Crew and to say that I'm intrigued by anything and everything this woman says and styles would be an understatement. She is barely five feet, a lover of prints and sparkle and thinks the ankle is seriously under rated. New best friend? I think yes. 

Start your obsession here.

August 5, 2013

diy // polka dot wrapping paper


 What comes after wrapping? PAPER. and I love paper. I came across this polka dot wrapping paper DIY on pinterest by The House That Lars Built and I had to try it out. I'm pretty pleased with the results... I think I will go with classic, simple black and white next time around. Oh, and here is a great tutorial on how to make the tissue flowers. Craft on!