May 25, 2012


I spent most of my time at home getting acquainted with Miss Reagan, my parent's new lab, and bopping around with my mom to all of our favorite stops. Going home always feels great, but Fargo isn't really my home any more. While that feeling can be a little strange, it also makes me appreciate my short trips all the more.

Absolutes while home:
1. Moxie Java- their baristas are the best and their iced latte isn't too shabby either
2. Mexican Village- QUESO. It's become a tradition to come here after/or during every mother/daughter day and I never get sick of it
3. Proper & Prim- Fargo NEEDED a boutique like this. Cute, trendy, well-priced and in a prime location
4. Drive down 8th Street- If you love trees and old homes this one should be pretty self explanatory

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