August 27, 2013


| top - Michael Kors via TJ Maxx, jeans - Madewell, sandals - Gap, hat - Banana Republic, bag - Kanken |

Nate and I took a quick trip to Chicago this weekend to visit my family and see a bit of the city. Our last visit was centered around the heart of downtown Chicago, so this time we took it to Wicker Park to get a feel for its neighborhoods.

My cousins are growing up so fast. Addison was in diapers and barely walking the summer I lived with my family and now she dances around the yard and runs around the house in her "princess heels". 

Rose's - our last stop. This place is celiac heaven - only here am I able to look at an entire menu and order WHATEVER I want. If you know someone that has celiac disease, tell them about Rose's. 

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  1. I live in Chicago! Isn't it the best?
    Also I live in those Madewell jeans - can't take them off!

    -ALecia with