April 11, 2011

Perfect College Planner

If you know me-- you know I go through multiple planners a year. I never seem to find the perfect one and am always on the hunt for something better. Last summer I stumbled upon this college planner at Barnes and Noble.

{It contains}
Weekly and monthly grids
Action plans to help set goals for each semester
Stickers for things like exams, study groups and bills (my favorite part)
Spreadsheet for your class schedule
Tips from college students on how to succeed
Weekly to do lists
Study and shopping checklists

The only negative was the front--not my personal taste. So, I ran to Target and bought a different cover, and now it's perfect.


  1. Can you post a link on the barnes and noble website, or post what the name of the planner is? This looks perfect! Thanks in advance :)

    1. Here you go!


  2. I plan to go buy one of these but do not like the cover of it either! How were you able to change the cover?