April 9, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This next week is going to consist of rain..rain...rain. You can be sure to find me in high spirits sporting my Hunter wellies around campus. Wellies really have become a four season boot-- especially for college girls. We walk from class to class, rain or shine, snow or slush. So why shouldn't we treat our feet and brighten up a gloomy day?

Hunter wellies- can be purchased at Nordstrom

but for you girls who can't justify spending that kind of money on wellies Chookha is a more affordable, yet still chic, option.

Also available at Nordstrom


  1. You can’t forget my favorite, Burberry. Found at Neiman Marcus. That should be your next splurge.

  2. I think that wellies are just about the only thing (besides the feeling of being in a cozy-coffee shop with rain falling on the windows) that make gray days a little bit glam.