June 20, 2012

Following through with resolutions

Improving my blog is one of my summer resolutions. I'm hoping to update more consistently and add personal pieces here and there. To help fulfill the ladder, I recruited my sister to take some photos of my outfit. I'm not going to lie, taking these felt a smidge narcissistic and uncomfortable, but I'm hoping in time that those feelings fade and I'm left with some great photos to share with my friends, family and readers.  

This is how I felt about putting my face in the photos. I was not having a very photogenic morning.

vest- Old Navy, shirt- J. Crew, shorts (borrowed from sister)- American Eagle, Hunter wellies, bag (borrowed from sister)- Francesca's, necklace- J. Crew, flower- H&M

The Twin Cities has been the recipient of many thunderstorms and I love using them as an excuse to wear Hunters in the summertime. 

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