July 31, 2012

something new

I've always had a knack for digging through racks upon racks of the most disorganized and disheveled stores you've ever dared to enter. There is a certain thrill that comes along with this talent. The objective is to find a hidden...secret gem. Friends will tell me what they're looking for, because they know I will eventually find it (for less!) and have fun doing so.

I have recently begun to venture into local thrift shops to see what I can find. Last Saturday, I struck gold. Florescent light magnificently beamed down onto this jewel toned, paisley scarf. I cannot wait to wear this and was able to think of fifty different outfits on the spot 
(that's how you know it's purchase worthy). I've always had mixed feelings about gently used clothing, but after this trip
...I'm sold.

Do you get nifty thrifty?


  1. Where do you go in Minneapolis?! When I lived there, I always went to Rewind which has SO much great stuff!


    1. I bought this scarf at Buffalo Exchange on Lyndale-- Rewind is actually on my list for this week! Now I'm even more excited to check it out. Thanks, Molly!