August 6, 2012

Soft Focus

 sweater- TJ Maxx, tank- J. Crew,  jeans- Gap, bag- Michael Kors, pin- H&M

 I am probably supposed to think that this is a horridly edited photo, but I don't.  
Sometimes a girl needs 
something that is
soft, a little blurry and full of light...

            I swiped this sweater from (you guessed it) my older sister. I love the way neutral colors compliment each other. 

Sunday was the most beautiful day we've had in a long was actually bearable to be outside. My guy and I went on a walk along Mississippi River Blvd, which reminded me of how much I miss living in St. Paul. While Minneapolis is only a few skips away, it truly is a different city. 

Looking forward to this week and all of the potential it brings. Hoping everyone has a fabulous Monday and if you need an extra boost to your morning download "Gone in the Morning" by Newton Faulkner. It's one of my absolute favorite "kick off the week" songs.


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