August 27, 2012

D's Big Move

My younger sister is about to start COLLEGE. To me, she is still fourteen with a mouthful of braces (sorry, Danielle), so helping her prepare was a little surreal. The big move happens tonight and it's making me crazy nostalgic for my first year of college. It's such an exciting time that I cannot wait for her to experience; new friends, new city and ultimately a new life.

While at home...I did a little shopping with my mom and we managed to score these booties! We tried to take photos in a few of my favorite downtown Fargo spots, but realized after that there was a huge smudge on my lens...ruining ALL of my photos. We laughed, but I do apologize for the lack in quality and quantity. 

Downtown Fargo has so many unique spots, alleys and buildings. I will have to take more photos next time I journey home.


  1. wait, wait, wait. Fargo ND?! I never thought good style could come from Fargo but I am happy to be wrong. love these images! where are you located now?


    1. Yes, THE one and only Fargo, ND! I am currently living in Minneapolis!