September 3, 2012

Tote-ally Unexpected

Sunday morning went a little something like this...
Boyfriend: "Is that new?"
Me: "Yes."
Boyfriend: "I like it."
Me: "Thanks, I needed a new tote bag."
Boyfriend: (with huge smile on face) "NEEDED? I think they sell reusable totes at the grocery store, you know."

If only women functioned solely on utility. But, what fun would that be?
I truly had been in the market for a new tote bag for some time and am quite pleased with my find.  Remember when I talked about leopard pants here? Well, I didn't exactly go into the dirty details of my leopard print obsession... I've got shoes, purses, clutches, headbands, scarves (am I embarrassing myself yet?). It's such a timeless print and I have a hard time resisting it. No matter what, leopard print will always circle back into the trend cycle.

You will never believe where I bought it, so click here to find out for yourself.


  1. Ok, I absolutely love when boyfriends tell girlfriends that they like their clothes/accessories! It's like the cutest thing ever. P.s. love the tote :)

    1. I know! He has great taste too, so it's like a super bonus when he compliments :)

  2. Where can I get this totebag, simply love it! contact